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Welcome to seamless integration. Eaglesoft is your entire dental practice management solution, from patient scheduling and insurance claims to paperless charting and digital image manipulation. Eaglesoft’s simple and easy-to-use interface streamlines your day-to-day operations and increases your practice’s efficiency. Now that’s smart.

Eaglesoft offers a 25+ year track record of reliably serving nearly 30,000 active users. Discover the effortless, user-friendly solution for your practice.

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Power your dental practice with Eaglesoft

Imagine a practice management experience unlike any other

Why Eaglesoft?

Eaglesoft is the proven practice management system dental practices depend on to successfully manage front office workflows, clinical processes, patient experience and business performance. 
Proven performance 
Eaglesoft offers a 25+ year track record of reliably serving more than 28,000 active users. Discover the effortless, user-friendly solution for your practice. 
Seamless integration  
Eaglesoft provides the most complete digital integration package on the market today. Conveniently acquire and store all image types – from video to digital X-rays – in one patient record.  
Take full advantage of the software integration possibilities to structure your office operations with ease while gathering valuable insights on performance and patient experience.  
Essential features
Explore the practice management solution that easily adapts to your business needs. Eaglesoft’s user-friendly platform hosts features that instantly pull together your administration, clinical and business operations for an unmatched office management experience. 
Unrivaled support 
Our expert technology advisors help you create a software strategy and business flow that suits your unique practice needs. Plus, benefit from on-site training uniquely tailored to you and your team for practice success. Best of all, the industry’s most knowledgeable, highly skilled support specialists are just one call away at the Patterson Technology Center.

Features: Business Operations

Craft your most productive schedule yet

Imagine a digital solution that helps you easily track business performance and create a more productive practice.
Features: Administration

Find more time in your front office workday

Simplify your day-to-day schedule so you can focus on building stronger patient relationships.


Coverage books

Create coverage books to accurately estimate the amount an insurance company will pay on individual services.

Fee schedule

Manage your preferred providers and managed care plans, easily tracking production with our simple reports.

Bulk insurance payments

Distribute a single payment from an insurance company to multiple accounts with ease.

Supplemental insurance plan

Set a third insurance policy on a patient for medical or dental coverage.

Smart claims

Process insurance claims quickly from your account ledger for a service or a group of services.


Automated account aging

Save time on end-of-day processing and statement processing.

Smart invoices

Highlight just one or more transactions in the ledger and generate your invoice.

Family walkout

Quickly enter charges for multiple family members. Handle part-cash/part-credit payments for single or multiple family members.

Line item accounting

Apply a payment to a specific line item in a patient’s history. Quickly view patient balances and payment status line by line.


Generate patient billing statements the way you want to. Then, send statements to patients who haven’t received a statement for a specified number of days when it fits into your schedule. 


IntelliCare reminders

Create timely notifications concerning patient care or records and place specific icons on a patient’s appointment record.

Quick Fill

List appointments that have been deleted from the schedule, added from Quick Fill, or patients marked “sooner if possible.”

Family appointment

Schedule entire families easily. Mark those appointments to schedule, change the provider and type of appointment needed.

Unscheduled appointments

Create unscheduled appointments for a series of treatments, fulfillment of a treatment plan and more. 

Appointment queue

Create a holding area for appointments that have been moved or copied from a previously scheduled location, including family appointments and unscheduled appointments.

Track Arrival

Track Arrival records how long a patient is waiting for their appointment, how many minutes they were late and the length of their time in the chair.   

Productivity goals

Get to know your productivity numbers, such as what the scheduled amount is vs. the goal for each provider and what was walked out for the day.

Fast check-in

Eliminate the need for paper with this kiosk-styled check-in that allows patients to complete demographics, medical history and HIPAA forms unassisted.

Features: Clinical

Advance your practice, impress your patients

Wait until you see Eaglesoft’s clinical features – introducing practice management made easy.
Digital Imaging Integration

Integrate with digital imaging software to streamline diagnosis

Eaglesoft provides the most complete digital imaging integration package on the market today. Acquire and store all image types – video to digital X-rays – in one patient record. You can even use the Dolphin 3D tools to manipulate and enhance your 3D images.

  • View X-rays and treatment plans from a single screen
  • Acquire, store and manipulate inraoral and extraoral images; store intraoral video directly
  • Integrate with Dentsply Sirona's Sidexis Imaging and Kavo Kerr's DEXIS Imaging
  • Interface with most other imaging software platforms, including Planmeca; Air Techniques; Instrumentarium; Soredex; Progeny

Success Stories

Why dental office managers love Eaglesoft

Dental office managers share their perspectives on the benefits of Eaglesoft.
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“Everything is running more smoothly behind the scenes and we’re providing excellent care for our patients.”

Monjit Guram, DDS, Hometown Dental in Fort Worth, Texas

Master your energy for less stress and practice success

Learn from energy mastery expert Kristen Brown how focusing on 7 specific energies allows you to present your best self and make your practice a better place to work and visit – and see how Eaglesoft can help.

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Eaglesoft case studies

Dental office manager Pam McDonald

A smart, streamlined and simple switch to a paperless platform

Reluctant to make the switch to new practice management software? Office manager Pam McDonald was initially overwhelmed by this prospect, in part because she considers herself not very computer-savvy. Patterson’s unmatched expertise and support made the transition to a new process easy. For someone who takes pride in offering a customized patient approach, McDonald says Eaglesoft has elevated her skills to new heights.

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Realizing rapid growth with Eaglesoft

April Mills set her sights on growth as a new co-owner of a Columbia, South Carolina, dental practice, and she saw Eaglesoft as a tool to help her get there. “Since using Eaglesoft, we have been able to implement systems that have increased our production exponentially,” she says. “This practice is hitting record numbers and production threefold.”

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Easily integrate your software solutions

By partnering with authorized software providers, Patterson Innovation Connection (PIC) offers Eaglesoft customers a more controlled and secure software experience, with more integration options than ever before.

Easy Transition

Getting started with Eaglesoft

From onboarding to going live, our experts will get you up and running with Eaglesoft.
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