Product Submissions

Patterson Dental continually seeks to expand our product offering by adding innovative new products to already successful lines. In order to add your product, it is vital that you follow the steps outlined here.


  1. Request the Product Submission form by emailing or downloading it here.
  2. Complete the form and email your product submission back to the same address:
  3. Patterson Dental will review your submission and determine if your product meets all criteria. We will also evaluate your product’s viability for United States sales, marketing and distribution based on a number of criteria that can be found in our Vendor Marketing Kit. If interested and/or accepted, we will contact you directly to learn more about your product and to discuss subsequent steps.
  4. Product submissions reviews are conducted as time permits. We will contact you via email or phone regarding our interest. Products approved for distribution will take 8-­10 weeks before customers can purchase any inventory. This allows the New Product Submissions team to review all assets and add the product(s) to See the asset collection requirements in Full Product Submission Guidelines at right.



For a group of products that are simply different sizes, shapes, flavors, colors, etc. of the same product, or where the same MSDS applies to the entire group of products, only one form need be completed and sent. With the form, a spreadsheet listing the individual item numbers, descriptions, individual package contents and prices should be included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Products will not be considered for addition if the following requirements are not satisfied:

  • We require any and all applicable MSDS for products being submitted. For kits, we require the full listing of what is included in the kit. We also require the MSDS for every component in the kit and clear indications of which MSDS apply to which items in the kit, including volume amounts for any liquids and/or powders included. (Note: These must be provided regardless of whether or not Patterson already has similar versions or components of the product in our systems.)
  • We require product images be supplied for each individual item/SKU. The image specifications are on the current production submission form, and are also listed below.
  • We require that all submissions be provided in a single email, or sent on a CD or USB thumb drive. This eliminates issues as the product submissions, images, and more are passed to multiple groups within the Patterson Marketing Department (Product Additions team, Regulatory team and Website team), which is di­fficult when dealing with multiple messages. Please note: If you wish to provide all via internet drop boxes or download links, please contact your Marketing Specialist for instructions.


Depending on the type of product and the quality of photos submitted, we may require our own photography to be completed. Below is the cost associated with this scenario:

$50 per product shot

$25 one-time charge for background and materials

$30 one-time charge for DVD plus 7.275% sales tax

As noted, the charges for background and materials, as well as the DVD, are one per shoot. If you send multiple products, those charges are only incurred a single time per photo shoot.

Finally, your new product submission forms require a Certificate of Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, and a W9, which can all be found on our Resources page.