Marketing & Advertising


Promotions must be completed in the promotion template and sent to your Marketing Specialist at least 30 days prior to the start date.

All promotion templates must contain the following information:

  • Patterson item numbers for Buy and Get items (each item number should be on a separate line)
  • Promotional offers (ex: Buy X, Get X)
  • Redemption information
  • Validity dates
  • Whether offers are Auto Free Goods or vendor fulfillment
  • Auto Free Goods Agreement, if applicable


To simplify the advertising process for you, we have a number of standards in place.

  1. Promotion details must be clearly stated.
  2. Promotion expiration dates must be listed
  3. Must include the trademarked Patterson Dental logo (if the artwork is provided for a publication, the Patterson Dental logo is recommended but not required).
  4. Must include Patterson's call-to-action statement, precisely as follows — For more information or to place your order, contact your Patterson representative, local branch, visit or call 800.873.7683.
  5. Any item numbers must be Patterson item numbers (format example: XXX-XXXX).
  6. Any pricing must be Patterson pricing.
  7. All items listed must be items Patterson stocks and carries.
  8. Ads cannot compare your product to another brand name sold by Patterson
  9. Redemption information for non-Auto Free Goods must be listed.
  10. All ads with Auto Free Goods must use the green Auto Free Goods logo below.