Opti-Klens IE Eye Wash System with Eliminator Valve - Desert Assembly Inc.

The Opti-Klens IE includes the eliminator valve with the Opti-Klens I which allows water temperature to be pre-set at the faucet and remain on. You now have a dedicated eyewash station with only tempered water available. For sink use, the water flow is activated by the use of the push through plunger on the Eliminator Valve. Push the plunger to the opposite side for water flow.

  • The eye/face wash will function at all times, with or without water flowing into the sink
  • Delivers over 0.4 gallons per minute of water, qualifying as an eye wash
  • There is no plumbing required, and it installs easily onto any faucet, sink or basin
  • Two of the most common adapters are packed with the unit
  • Meets the ANSI Standard
  • Accepted by OSHA to fulfill requirements
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