Patterson® EJA / Halogen / 7.14 A / 150 W / 21 V / MR16 / GX5.3 - Patterson Dental Supply

Used with Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-01, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-02, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-03, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-04, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-05, Baxter V. Mueller 150 Light Source, Circon ALU 1B, Circon ALU 2B, Circon FCB95, Coby Light, Cryomedics Colposcope (some models only), Cuda Products M150, Cuda Products MT150, DenMat Marathon, DenMat Visar 2, Expanded Optic Explorer Camera, Fostec 8110, Fostec 8350.1, Fostec 8360.1, Fostec 8375, Henry Schein Easy Cam (21 volt model), Hoppl Colposcope, Leica Illuminator 1177, Leitz Comparison Macroscope, Leitz Fiber Optic Light Source, Lester A Dine Oral Scan, Nikon MK2 Fiber Optic (current), Nikon MK2 Illuminator, Olympus 5-C115, Olympus BHT, Olympus BHTU, Olympus Fiber Optic Illuminator, Orascoptic Research Headlight, Oryan Endo ILS-150, Quality Aspirators Fiber Optic Daylight, Schott Fiber Optic 1150, SciCan Dual Lux 3 Curing, Sony Carry Cam 2020, Storz 481C, Storz 481CU, Storz 483C, Suburban Tool Masterview 14" Surface Bulb, Techniquip T-Q/FOI-1A, Titan Fiber Optic Illuminator FOL1B, Unitron Fiber Optic Power Supply, Vivadent Heliomat B Single, Welch Allyn 45250/LX150, Welch Allyn FX100 Flexible Sigmoidoscope, Welch Allyn Rhinolaryngoscope 65000, Welch Allyn Rhinolaryngoscope 65001, Welch Allyn RL100, Wolf 2094, Wolf 4046, Wolf 5115, Wolf 5118, Wolf 5120 and Wolf 5150.
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