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Midwest® Diamond Bur, FG - Dentsply Midwest

Round friction grip diamonds are essentially drill bits (rotary instruments) attached to a handpiece used for opening and shaping cavity preparations, plus they can be used for depth cuts. Extra large sizes are useful for opening and shaping crown chambers for endodontic access. Midwest® Diamonds are manufactured with natural diamonds, which provide more cutting surfaces than synthetic diamonds. These diamond burs feature multiple, evenly distributed layers for optimum concentricity and reliable cutting.

Cylinder Flat End
  • Use when parallel sides and flat surfaces are needed
  • Creates flat floors, shoulders and straight walls

Taper Flat End
  • Tapered sides and flat end provide flat margins and convergent sides in crown preparations
  • Provides flat floors and divergent walls for inlay and only preparations

Taper Round End
  • Useful for crown preparations with chamfered/beveled margins
  • Tapered sides assist in shaping to avoid undercuts

Inverted Cone
  • Useful for initial opening, contouring cavity preparations and mechanical retentions/undercuts
  • longer head lengths are best suited for shaping walls and floors of deeper preparations

Egg and Football
  • Commonly used for both reduction and shaping of lingual occlusal surfaces

Needle and Interproximal
  • The shaped end of the burs allows delicate interproximal cutting
  • Effective on buccal and lingual surfaces in breaking contact

  • Useful for opening and shaping cavity preparations
  • Can be used for depth cuts
  • Extra large sizes are useful for opening and shaping crown chambers for endodontic access
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