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CDR® Digital Sensor Holder System – Starter Kits
This system works for ALL Schick sensors size #1 and size #2, including CDR-16, CDR-32 and Phoenix. With Schick CDR® Holders, correct sensor placement and patient comfort have always been easily attainable. But now, these tools have been made even better. Schick’s new disposable holder sets are literally peel and stick with adhesive to firmly secure the sensor to the holder.

  • Each set is color coded for quick reference
  • Disposable holders increase efficiency by eliminating cleanup
  • A disposable holder set offers you and your patients the benefits of improved design

Contains: 15 bite tab holders, 15 bitewing holders, 15 endodontic holders, 15 anterior holders, 15 periapical holders, 1 posterior arm, bitewing arm, 1 anterior arm, 1 posterior ring, 1 center ring and 100 sheaths
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