SuperBuff® Disks – Disk Set, 25/Pkg - Shofu Dental Corp

Super-Snap® is designed for easy, fast and safe contouring, finishing and polishing of all microfilled and hybrid composites. Super-Snap® polystrips are color coded with matching grit size for easy identification and offer the same results as the Super-Snap® disks for interproximal areas. Use SuperBuff® disks for the final polish on all composites. They are paste-impregnated disks that, when exposed to water, release a high quality polishing paste.<Return/> <Return/> <bold>Super-Snap®</bold><Return/> <BulletList><Bullet>Elastic silicone shanks mount for easy placement of the disk onto the mandrel</Bullet> <Bullet>Manufactured without a metal center</Bullet> <Bullet>Very flexible, ultra-thin disks allow easy access to interproximal areas</Bullet> <Bullet>Two sizes – four grits (silicon carbide and aluminum oxide)<Return/></Bullet></BulletList> <bold>SuperBuff®</bold><Return/> <BulletList><Bullet>Paste-impregnated with aluminum oxide, eliminates the potential mess associated with polishing paste syringe systems</Bullet> <Bullet>Disposable<Return/>
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