NeoBurr® Trimming and Finishing Burs – FG, 12 Blades - Microcopy

NeoBurr® 12 Blade Trimming & Finishing Burs rotate with low vibration at low contact pressure while generating minimal heat due to innovative blade geometry. These burs are designed to contour and finish all composite, amalgam, enamel, dentin and finish margins on crown and bridge restorations.

  • Gold-plated finish adds antimicrobial benefits
  • Gamma-sterilized, individually packaged and labeled for safety and convenience
  • Blade angulations and teeth geometry engineered for highly efficient cutting with minimum clogging
  • Blades at the tip designed for smooth, exact margins with minimum gingiva abrasion
  • Efficient cut with more blade contact to the tooth
  • Reduced risk of chipping or breakage
  • Friction grip (FG) shank
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