Synea 400 High Speed Electric Handpieces – Pedo Head, Contra Angle, Push Button Autochuck, LED Light, 4 Spray, FG - ADEC

Synea electric high speed handpieces allow for unexpected access options and incomparable view. With daylight-quality LED illumination and the debris-clearing 4-port Penta spray, you are all set for unprecedented visibility. The gearing teeth and meticulous approach to geometry are contained inside a unique unibody design. The result is reduced vibration, extended product life, and ultra-low sound levels.

  • 1:5 electric highspeed handpiece with E-coupling – fits any leading electric motor
  • Sealed head with push-button chuck for 1.6 mm friction-grip burs
  • Over 3 times the power of air-driven highspeeds for exceptionally smooth cutting
  • Pedo head (9.5 mm dia., 14.5 mm height) provides excellent access and view
  • Quattro Spray (4-port) for efficient cooling and visibility
  • Unibody, monobloc one-piece design for ultra-low sound levels and reduced vibration
  • Fused glass optics with 25,000 lux light output
  • Friction grip bur lengths of 19 to 25 mm
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