Ortho Welder II – 1/Pkg - Yates Motloid

The Ortho Welder is often referred to as the "All In One Workhorse" of the dental lab because it is three machines in one:

  • Orthodontics Welding Machine
  • Electric Solderer
  • Wire Annealer

Full-featured, heavy-duty, one-time purchase dental welding machine. The Ortho Welder is compact, functional, versatile, easy-to-use, and maintenance-free.

Ortho Welder is the ideal solution for orthodontics laboratories and offices, commercial dental labs, and any lab demanding instant results. Invaluable and economical – saves time, labor, and space while being a tremendous profit generator.

Use as a welder for wire, brackets or bands, as a stress reliever for wire or an electric soldering machine for partials and C&B. This versatile machine does it all, from low-heat soldering to high heat welding.

Increased Power: 200% more welding power from a larger transformer makes for quicker and cleaner welds, improved remote welding capabilities, and a wider range of output options.

Half-inch platform cutout accomodates larger models, closer to the welding jaws. Convenient drill chuck holds pre-soldered electrodes. Additional thermal protective overload switch for transformer

Ergonomic Controls 3 Heat Settings 9 Pulse Time Settings 12 Welding Tip Combinations Remote weld/solder leads with tips Brass posts for annealing and stress relieving Complete package includes: Ortho Welder II Unit, Foot Switch, Solder, Flux, Non-Asbestos heat sink, Brass Tip and Carbon Point, Copper Tips, Brass Posts, Dual-Purpose Cords (soldering + remote welding) and Two Copper Electrodes

Product Specifications: Welding Current: up to 200 Amps Weight: 25 lbs Dimensions: 10"x10.5"x7" Voltage: 110vAC/60hz or 220vAC/50hz Draws(fused): 7 amps(110v) or 3 amps(220v)
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