ProAngle® Plus Disposable Prophy Angles - Pac-Dent International Inc

Features include a smaller angle head and shell, quieter and smoother operation, guaranteed no cup dropping and matching colors for corresponding prophy cups and angle shells. ProAngle® Plus’s beveled gears are engineered precisely so that their pitch surfaces are mounted securely and firmly when engaged, effectively eliminating vibrations and thus resulting in much less noise, chatter, and heat and ensuring smooth operations throughout each procedure. ProAngle® Torque Cup effectively reduces splattering with its turbine-like internal blade geometry, and features outer cross-spiral ridges for improved interproximal cleaning.

  • Patented 2nd generation gear design
  • Better flares for improved subgingival access
  • More ergonomic design reduces hand and arm micro-traumas
  • Smooth running and no over-heating
  • Color-coded angle shells for easy ID of prophy cup softness
  • 100% Latex-free cups
  • Guaranteed no cup dropping
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