BioFree Tips™ Earth - Tiplutions Inc.

Biofree Tips™ Earth Line is the the world’s leading biodegradable air/water tip. Biofree Tips™ Earth Line is made using only compostable and renewable resources.

  • These tips have the same rigidity and functionality as standard plastic disposable air/water tips
  • Use no petroleum and deplete no fossil fuels in their production.
  • 5 shimmering Earth tone colors that will brighten any office.
  • 5 air-chambers for powerful spray and one chamber for water.
  • ASTM D6400 Certified
  • Two lengths: 90 mm and 65 mm. (Regular and Mini)
  • 90 mm would be used for standard DCI or ADEC air/water syringes. 65 mm would be used mainly for European style syringes (Kavo, Luzzani, Sirona, etc.).
  • Biofree Tips™ are compatible with all Sani-Tip®* style adapters.
*Sani-Tip® is a registered trademark of Dentsply and is in no way associated with Biofree Tips™, Tiplutions Inc., or any of their affiliates.
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