everStick®C&B Fiber Reinforcements Refill - GC America Inc

everStick®C&B is used for minimally invasive fiber reinforced composite bridges such as surface retained bridges, inlay and onlay bridges, hybrid bridges and temporary bridges, and laboratory-made bridges.

  • Made of silanated glass fibers in thermoplastic polymer and light curing resin matrix
  • everStick® fibers are prewetted and ready to use
  • Address the advantages of minimally invasive dentistry where the patient's own healthy tooth tissue is saved for as long as clinically possible.
  • Other treatment options remain available should the patient ever need them in the future
  • Unique, patented interpenetrating polymer network structure (IPN)
  • Superior bonding enabling reliable surface retained applications and perfect handling properties
  • Surfaces can be reactivated even after the final polymerization
  • Minimally invasive and reversible; leave other treatment options available
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • As strong as metal
  • Elasticity close to that of dentin
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