FCS / Halogen / 6.25A / 150W / 24V / (T3 1/2) / G6.35 - Bulbworks, Inc.

Used with A-dec Cascade, AB Dick 502RP, AB Dick 880, AB Dick System 400, AB Dick System 410, AB Dick System 420, AB Dick System 430, A-dec 6300, ALM, ALM/Chick, DCI 1231 Ceiling Mount Light, DCI 1232 Track Mount Light, DCI 1244 Curved Post Light, DentalEZ 3801797, DentalEZ Advantage, DentalEZ AXCS Light, DentalEZ Lumina, DentalEZ Simplicity, Dentech Operatory, Dentech Ultima 2, ELS-1 GS9200 Solos/Birtcher, Eurodent Isolight, Eurodent Ruinito, Faro B4843, Faro Sunlight 70 (original), Interlight Light Specialty Metalworks, KaVo KaVoLUX 1410, Leitz Pradovit Color Auto Focus, Leitz TP201, Machlett 150, Mitutoyo 3515F, Mitutoyo Optical Comparator, Mitutoyo PH3500 (older models) Profile Bulb, Mitutoyo PJ311, Morita Light, Nikon 6C2, Nikon 12, Nikon 20A, Nikon 24B, Nikon V12, Nikon V16C, Nikon V16B, Nikon V16C, Nikon V16E, Nikon V20, Nikon V20A, Nikon V24B, Olympus, Planmeca Delight, Pradolux 25, Proma A5110, Ritter 130, Ritter D428, Ritter D44, Ritter Lumostar, SDS 1350, Siemens A1/E1 Sirona, Solos/Birtcher ELS-1 GS9200, Starrett Precision HB400 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HC400 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HD400 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE400 & Sigma VF600 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HF750 Surface Illuminator, Starrett Precision HV350, Summit Dental Systems 1350, Surface Illuminator HF750 Starrett Precision, Track Mount Light 1232, Unitron Unimet MR2, Unitron Unimet MR1, Unitron Unimet MR3, Unitron Versamet and Yoshida Kay Cor Operating Light.
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