Cerinate® Shade Modification System II Kit - Denmat Holdings LLC.

Cerinate® Shade Modification System II is a patented, light-cured masking agent that offers a maximum opacity with minimal thickness to cover dark stains, tetracycline discoloration, white spots or other tooth blemishes. The selection of colors and opaquers creates polychromatic shading of natural teeth, composite fillings, porcelain jackets or veneers.

  • Use alone or mix with a light-cure composite resin to modify a tint
  • Masks discoloration and characterizes composite or porcelain restorations
  • Characterizes teeth directly with the layer-and-blend technique
  • Slightly modify direct restorative composites for matching natural dentition
  • Provides occlusal staining
  • Mocks gingival tissue

Kit contains: shade modifications in each color: orange, white, dark gray, blue, clear, red and dark brown; Tetrapaque Dentin SH PST; Tetrapaque Enamel SH PST; Tetrapaque Pink SH PST; Tetrapaque Violet SH PST; Tetrapaque D/C Initiator; Rule of 55 chart; label kit caution; mixing pad; 10 mixing sticks; 12 brush tips; brush tip handle; 20 (20 g) black syringe tips; and 3 light-curing test rings.
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