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The Anterior Veneer and Cementation Kit contains diamonds for facial reduction, removing tooth structure, lingual reduction, smoothing and polishing. The diamond 834-016 is used for minimal facial reduction (0.3 mm) for feldspathic porcelain. The 834-021 produces a 0.5 mm reduction and is used for pressed ceramics such as OPC® and Empress I®. The diamond 852H-018 is usually used in conjunction with 834-021 to remove sufficient tooth structure by the grooves created with the 834 depth cutting diamonds. The 852H-016 is usually used in conjunction with the 834-016. The super-coarse 833H shape is used for the lingual reduction of the central and lateral incisors. It also is used to create a 90° margin on the lingual surface. The finishing bur HM375R is used to smooth the facial walls of the preparation. The 839R-012 diamond is used for preparing (smoothing) the external facial margins for pressed ceramics. The HM246-009 (7901) bur is used to separate contacts and to smooth interproximally after cementation. The 833C diamond is used at cementation to blend the ceramic margin to the tooth structure on the lingual margin. The diamond-impregnated polishers come in two shapes and three grits: green for adjustment, blue for prepolish and red for producing a high-shine luster.

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