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These logs allow you to track all incoming and outgoing Schedule II and III-V controlled substances. Separate your Schedule II drugs as required using this unique system. Each page contains everything the DEA and most states require and is security minded. Track all of your wasted drugs using convenient NCR forms. Put 1 copy in the patient file and 1 copy with your controlled substance files (Schedule II). The DEA must be able to track every mg and ml of a controlled substance from its creation to use or destruction. These convenient forms allow you to account for wasted amounts. Available as a complete system (Schedule II, Schedule III-V and pad of Waste Forms) or as individual logs, which always includes a pad of Waste Forms.
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Controlled Substance Tracking System, Complete System
Controlled Substance Tracking System, Schedule III-V Log Plus Pad of Waste Forms
Controlled Substance Tracking System Schedule II Log plus Pad of Waste Forms
Controlled Substance Tracking System Pad of Waste Forms
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