IMS™ Signature Series® Collection Total Restorative Standard Set-Up

Hu-Friedy Mfg Co. Inc.
Patterson Item #: 370-2545
Mfg Item #: IMRESTOR
Large Signature Series® 16-instrument cassette with accessory area, yellow; #6 Satin Steel® mirror handle; 5 front surface mouth mirror, 3-pack; 23/CP-12 color-coded expro, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 18 excavator, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 113 serrated gingival cord packer, #6 Satin Steel® handle; calcium hydroxide placement instrument, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 0/1 Marquette condenser, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 1/2 Blk condenser, #6 Satin Steel® handle; regular/large CF®II amalgam carrier; 3/6 Discoid-Cleoid carver, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 8 Wiland carver, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 1/2-3 Hollenback carver, #6 Satin Steel® handle; IPC interproximal XTS® carver; 2 Goldstein Flexi-Thin XTS® composite instrument; 3 Goldstein Flexi-Thin XTS® composite instrument; 27/29 burnisher, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 24 spatula, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 2 College Dressing pliers; Miller articulating paper forceps; curved Iris scissors; CW aspirating anesthetic syringe; amalgam well; bur cushion short lid, holds 12; hinged instrument clips, 2; A/W syringe tip clip
Package Quantity:
Cleaning, Sterilization, Storage
Exterior Shell Material:
Stainless Steel
Interior Components Material:
Number of Tiers:
Compatible Instruments:
Satin Steel Mirror Handle, 5 Front Surface Mouth Mirror , 23/CP-12 Color Coded Expro, 18 Excavator, 113 Serrated Gingival Cord Packer, Calcium Hudroxide Placement Instrument, 1/2 Blk Condenser, Regular/Large CFII Amalgam Carrier, 3/6 Discoid-Cleoid Carver, 8 Wiland Carver, 1/2-3 Holllenback Carver, IPC Interproximal XTS Carver, 2 Goldstein Composite Instrument, 3 Goldstein Composite Instrument, 27/29 Burnisher, 24 Spatula, 2 College Dressing Pliers, Articulating Paper Forceps, Curved Iris Scissors, CW Aspirating Anesthetic Syringe, Amalgam Well, Hinged Instrument Clips, A/W Syringe Tip Clip
Instrument Capacity:
Interior Components Color:
Color Family:
Manufacturer Name:
Hu-Friedy Mfg Co. Inc.
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