IMS™ Signature Series® Collection Endodontic Standard Set-Up

Hu-Friedy Mfg Co. Inc.
Patterson Item #: 370-2503
Mfg Item #: IMENDO
Signature Series® 12-instrument cassette with accessory area, gray; #6 Satin Steel® mirror handle; 4 front surface mouth mirror, 3-pack; DG16 endo explorer, #6 Satin Steel® handle; 1 locking endo pliers; 1 locking endo pliers; 31L excavator, #6 Satin Steel® handle; D11 nickel titanium endo spreader; 1/3 endo plugger; 5/7 endo plugger; 9/11 endo plugger; 1 Glick blade/endo plugger; Miller articulating paper forceps; CW aspirating anesthetic syringe; rubber dam forceps; 1 Satin Steel® rubber dam clamp; 2 Satin Steel® rubber dam clamp; 9 Satin Steel® rubber dam clamp; 26N Satin Steel® rubber dam clamp; endo stand, holds 24 files and reamers; small parts box; bur cushion short lid, holds 12; A/W syringe tip clip
Package Quantity:
Cleaning, Sterilization
Exterior Shell Material:
Stainless Steel
Interior Components Material:
Number of Tiers:
Compatible Instruments:
1 Glick Blade/Endo Plugger, 1 Locking Endo Pliers, 1 Satin Steel Rubber Dam Clamp, 1/3 Endo Plugger, 2 Satin Steel Rubber Dam Clamp, 26 N Satin Steel Rubber Dam Clamp, 31L Excavator, 4 Front Surface Mouth Mirror, 5/7 Endo Plugger, 9 Satin Steel Rubber Dam Clamp, 9/11 Endo Plugger, A/W Syringe Tip Clip, Bur Cushion Short Lid, CW Aspirating Anesthetic Syringe, D11 Nickel Titanium Endo Spreader, DG16 Endo Explorer Satin Steel Handle, Endo Stand Holds 24 Files & Reamers, Miller Articulating Paper Forceps, Rubber Dam Forceps, Satin Steel Handle, Satin Steel Mirror Handle, Small Parts Box
Instrument Capacity:
Interior Components Color:
Color Family:
Manufacturer Name:
Hu-Friedy Mfg Co. Inc.
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