Preferred Hardware Provider List

Find a Patterson Preferred Hardware Provider

Patterson’s goal is to provide the highest level of service in every aspect of your dental practice. That extends to helping you find the right hardware and networking providers. Through the Patterson Preferred Hardware Provider program, we connect you with vendors you can trust to have your practice’s best interests in mind.

New vendors are routinely added to our list of preferred partners in the United States. Select the name of your region below to see providers in your region or scroll to view all. Please contact your local branch if the provider you’re seeking is not listed below.

Regional Map of Patterson Preferred Hardware Providers


Infinite Computing Technologies

ContactSales Department888.472.8725
Associated Branch(es) | Los Angeles (422), Valencia (421)

Pact.One Solutions, Inc.

Associated Branch(es) | East Bay (438), San Diego (456)


ContactZion Finck775.339.1470
Associated Branch(es) | Sacramento (454)


Computek Dental Systems

ContactAndy Tarver800.237.7782
Associated Branch(es) | Denver (410), Salt Lake City (408), Phoenix (444)

DCM Technology Solutions, Inc.

ContactLeslie Kleyweg303.325.5202
Associated Branch(es) | Denver (410)

JASCO Technology, LLC

ContactJason Buckley702.850.4357
Associated Branch(es) | Salt Lake City (408)

Pact.One Solutions, Inc.

Associated Branch(es) | Salt Lake City (408)

Prime Systems, Inc.

ContactSales Department801.546.2666
Associated Branch(es) | Salt Lake City (408)


Centriserve IT, LLC

ContactJared Galovich801.787.8362
Associated Branch(es) | Dallas/Ft Worth (304)

Webatron Internet Solutions

ContactMichael Scott915.613.1304
Associated Branch(es) | Albuquerque (402)


BB Tech Services

ContactLisa Bouchez513.374.1944
Associated Branch(es) | Cincinnati (620)

Boonya Systems, LLC

ContactEric Senst612.354.8386
Associated Branch(es) | Minnesota (240)

DDS Integration

ContactMegan Englebert616.914.4479
Associated Branch(es) | Grand Rapids (648)

Edge Plus, LLC

ContactChris White888.943.3430
Associated Branch(es) | Saint Louis (209)

Erickson Technologies, Inc.

ContactKelsie Anderson800.477.6758, ext. 508
Associated Branch(es) | Minnesota (240)

Medix Dental

ContactEric Jess877.885.1010
Associated Branch(es) | Omaha (246)

Promethius Consulting, LLC

ContactTony Valle317.733.2388, ext. 2102
Associated Branch(es) | Indianapolis (652)


ContactTonja Sullivan402.933.6887
Associated Branch(es) | Omaha (246)

Sagester Associates Group, Inc.

ContactSales Group812.669.2350
Associated Branch(es) | Louisville (656)

Sunset Dental Technologies

ContactJoe Lemere855.861.8833
Associated Branch(es) | Minnesota (240)

TriState Technical Services, LLC

ContactJonathan Morris908.418.4515, ext. 101
Associated Branch(es) | Detroit (642)


Advantage Technologies, Inc.

ContactSales Department877.723.8832
Associated Branch(es) | Chicago (610), Detroit (642), Ft. Lauderdale (373), South Florida (373), Tampa (374)

Dental PC

ContactDez Merrow904.443.0095
Associated Branch(es) | Orlando (375)

IRIS Solutions, Inc.

ContactChris Chamberlin704.523.3877
Associated Branch(es) | Charlotte (708)


Abele Technologies, LLC

ContactJoe Abele860.432.8191
Associated Branch(es) | Connecticut (710)

Compass Network Group, Inc.

Associated Branch(es) | Philadelphia (760)

Dental Hi.Tech Management

ContactMichael Khaydatov718.339.1607
Associated Branch(es) | Long Island (730)

Dental I.T. Solution

ContactNathan Wolsky603.213.6120
Associated Branch(es) | Boston (704)

High Tech Innovations, LLC

ContactSales Department877.222.1508
Associated Branch(es) | Metro NY/NJ (728)


ContactDoug Hays913.440.4849
Associated Branch(es) | Long Island (730)

Medical and Dental IT Solutions

ContactKamran Zokai800.760.7166
Associated Branch(es) | Long Island (730)

RMHT Solutions, LLC

Associated Branch(es) | Boston (704)

Silbertech IT, LLC

ContactChaim Silberstein201.549.3300
Associated Branch(es) | Metro NY/NJ (728)

SK Technology Group, Inc.

ContactMark Kiefer888.654.1299
Associated Branch(es) | Philadelphia (760)

Southridge Technology Group, LLC

ContactGary Tiger203.431.8324
Associated Branch(es) | Metro NY/NJ (728)

TEK Electronics

ContactTom Voytek302.449.6947
Associated Branch(es) | Philadelphia (760)

WestStar Computer Consulting, Inc.

ContactCinnamon J. Soehner585.427.7880
Associated Branch(es) | Rochester (766)