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D5 is a new curriculum for current and aspiring dentists who want to learn more about what it takes to start and manage a private practice. D5 provides guidance and resources on private practice management through a comprehensive curriculum created with the help of dental professionals and educators. Continue your education now.

D5 Curriculum

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Understanding your options: joining a private practice
Are you interested in private practice, but don't know where to start? National Practice Transitions Manager Andrew Darke shares insights on asking questions, researching your options, and clarifying goals to guide you into a successful private practice.

Hiring for the dental practice
The key to having a great practice is hiring great people. Sandy Pardue, Director of Consulting, offers advice for writing job descriptions, conducting interviews, and preparing your team for new employees.

D5 Curriculum Chapter 3

Important signs to look for when joining a practice
Business of Dentistry Educator Kathy Brodal shares useful tips and questions to ask while applying and interviewing for practice positions, to help you make the best decisions for reaching your long and short-term career goals.

5 Tips to help with employee termination
In Chapter 2, Sandy Pardue, Director of Consulting, gave advice on hiring employees. Now, she offers tips on how to deal with terminating employees, including making sure you’ve done all you can to set your employees up for success.

Building a well-educated team
Dental Assistant Extraordinaire Tija Hunter has tips for building a well-educated team for your practice. Build strong relationships, invest in your team, and continue their education (as well as yours!) to help your practice go to new levels.

Successful hiring of stellar team members This session focuses on the role of the team member in the dental office. Review hiring strategies, interview tips and leadership skillsto help you attract and retain stellar employees.

High Performance Scheduling
A well-designed schedule can make the difference between a frantic and a happy team. This course helps you build and maintain yourideal schedule to help you stay on time and be efficient with a structured day.

Additional Resources

Patterson Dental Confidence in Technology for Dental Practices

D5 & Off The Cusp

D5 has partnered with Off the Cusp to bring you all the resources and information you need to open your very own practice, as well as current industry developments, trends, discussions and additional education resources. Read the latest D5 posts here. Visit www.offthecusp.com for the full collection of Off the Cusp blog posts.

The Technology Driven Millennial Success Story
by Dr. David Rice, Founder of igniteDDS

Gallop. Have you heard of them? If so, you know Gallop lives in a world we count on every day in dentistry…time tested data. With that, I’d like to share one of their longest standing studies on success. The statistics? 9% vs 73%. The meaning. The average person spends 80% of their time in their zone of comfort and sometimes excellence. In dentistry, that means they do what they were taught to do in dental school and not a whole lot more. Think about that. What’s in your zone of comfort when you graduate?

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    If you’re anything like most young dentists…basic restorative dent . I felt solid in direct restorative and crown and bridge. That’s not a knock on my education or my school, it’s simply what I’d done the most of. 21 years later, if I’d done what most dentists do, my practice would look like most dentists’ practices. And as Gallop’s 40 years of research illustrated, I’d perform at 9% of what I’m capable of.
    9%! Not a number I’d be too proud of to be honest with you. Question is, would you? Do you wake up every morning, look in the mirror, smile and think…today I’m really going to push the envelope…today I’m shooting for 9%. :) I imagine, the better question is this. How do you achieve Gallop’s second number? How do you perform where today’s top millennial dentists perform? How do you achieve 73%? Philosophically…simple…and I know you’re going to like it as well. You see, one of your greatest strengths is what you’ve grown up on…technology. Now it wasn’t always mine, and it sure as heck wasn’t the boomer dentist’s or their traditional parents’. But you…when it comes to technology…you got this.

    So, if you want to soar like today’s most successful millennial dentist’s, maximize what you are inherently excellent at and what most other dentists are not. Maximize your potential in two incredible and incredibly untapped areas: Endodontics and Implants. How?

    CBCT and Cad-Cam. These two technologies are individually amazing and tandemly terrific. What used to make endo and the surgical side of implants so challenging is our inability to see. It’s why endo’s past fail rates were what they were…we missed canals. Suffice it to say, with CBCT, we don’t miss those any longer. And on the implant side, what did we fear? Hitting nerves, vasculature and sinuses. Today…pair a Galileos CBCT and Cerec and you’ll not only steer clear of all things dangerous…you’ll be able to design your final restoration, mill a 3d surgical guide, and master your prosthetic results, on your computer, before your patient ever sees a scalpel. 9% or 73%? The choice is yours…

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Looking to become an associate or planning to retire? Patterson Connect from Patterson Dental looks forward to helping you with your next move. Whether you are searching for a practice buyout, a partnership, acquisition of another practice, or just need guidance on your options, we are here to help you through the entire process. Be sure to check out Patterson Connect at www.pattersonconnect.com for all you practice transition needs.

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