February 18, 2016
February 12, 2016 (ST. PAUL, Minn.) – At its December 2015 board meeting, the Patterson Foundation elected Dave Misiak, Patterson Dental U.S. president, as its new board president.

February 12, 2016 (ST. PAUL, Minn.) – At its December 2015 board meeting, the Patterson Foundation elected Dave Misiak, Patterson Dental U.S. president, as its new board president. The board recognized the hard work and dedication of outgoing board president Gary Johnson, who served seven years as president and is one of the founding members of the Patterson Foundation. Johnson will continue to serve on the board of directors as vice president.

Dave Misiak, who has been with Patterson for more than 20 years, also previously served as a vice president on the Foundation board. “Gary has been a mentor to me and many others in the dental business. Watching his dedication as he focused on sustainability for the Foundation has inspired me to follow in his footsteps,” said Misiak. “Gary’s work has been a key to the Foundation’s success and longevity. For more than seven years, his leadership has helped the Foundation expand its reach. I’m honored to have been elected the new president and look forward to continuing the Foundation’s important work.”

Michelle Mennicke, Foundation manager since 2013, commented on Johnson’s tenure as president. “I have been extremely lucky over the past few years to work with Gary and to get to know him. His dedication to the Foundation and Patterson Companies is second to none,” she said. “I am also very excited about the opportunity to work with Dave Misiak in his new role as president. Dave is very committed to the Foundation’s mission and I believe our impact in the
community will continue to grow under his leadership.”

Also at its December meeting, the Foundation board approved new mission, vision and values and shared these guiding principles with Patterson Companies employees in the Foundation’s February newsletter. The Foundation is supported mainly by generous contributions of Patterson employees and retirees. When asked about the statements, Mennicke said, “The Foundation revised its mission, vision and values to more accurately reflect our purpose and goals to Patterson employees and those we serve in our communities. We believe the new statements will help connect more people to our mission and giving programs.”

Patterson Foundation Mission
The mission of the Patterson Foundation is to positively impact lives through higher education scholarships to children of Patterson Companies employees and grants to nonprofit organizations in the oral health and animal health fields.

Patterson Foundation Vision
In the words of our founders, the Patterson Foundation was established to give back to the employees, industries and communities that make Patterson Companies successful. To fulfill this purpose, the Foundation endeavors to make a meaningful difference in society through our scholarship and grants programs.

Patterson Foundation Values
• We seek collaboration and involvement in our work
• We desire engagement with others that share our vision
• We value honesty and integrity in our relationships
• We are driven to make a positive difference in society
• We evaluate our success based on how many lives we are able to touch
• We strive for continuous improvement in all that we do
• We believe we are indebted to the people and communities that make Patterson Companies successful
• We are passionate about giving back to those in need in our communities
• We believe that actions speak louder than words and service is the best way to express gratitude

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