Environmental Infection Control Equipment

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Now more than ever, the safety of your staff and patients is paramount. Consider equipment and technology aimed at achieving the highest levels of environmental infection control.

Respiratory Precautions and Aerosol Management Solutions

Featuring the Organization for Safety Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP)

Managing respiratory risk is critical as you reopen your practice amid COVID-19. Listen to this recorded webinar as foremost experts from OSAP provide practical tips for developing an OSHA-required respiratory protection program. Then, learn about Patterson equipment solutions designed to cut down on and create fewer aerosols in your office.

Featured product

JADE Air Purifier

Enjoy clean, fresh and re-energizing air at your practice with JADE Air Purifier, one of the most advanced and effective air purification systems out there.

You’ll be able to let go of worries about your practice environment with this product from A-dec® and Surgically Clean Air®.

Featured solutions

Extraoral Suction

Our trusted chairside extraoral suction solutions feature medical-grade HEPA filtration to capture and filter droplets, aerosols and airborne contaminants. These hands-free options combine high volumes of airflow with suction power to limit aerosols in your operatory. Plus, discover solutions with powerful ultraviolet light to expose and destroy viruses and bacteria.

Air Purifiers

Expand your infection control measures with our advanced air purification solutions designed to capture airborne pathogens in patient waiting rooms, employee breakrooms, operatories, sterilization centers and lab processing areas. Examine exceptional purifiers that uniquely combine multi-stage, medical and laboratory-grade HEPA filtration with a high volume of airflow (CFM), instantly scrubbing the air of biological hazards.

Or, consider a ceiling-mounted air purification system. These stealth units are installed overhead and out of sight behind standard-sized fluorescent or LED ceiling lights, providing continuous ultraviolet protection against airborne pathogens.

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Experience the safety, efficiency and convenience of reduced water and air pressure compared to traditional drilling methods.

Find a customized fit for your office with our unmatched expertise and support.


American Dental Association

Read the latest dental office infection control guidance from the American Dental Association.

Centers for Disease Control

Learn more about droplet and airborne precautions from the Centers for Disease Control.