90-Day EasyEquip Program

Get small equipment today, pay later

No interest 90-day dental equipment financing

Small equipment purchases shouldn’t be a big worry

Thanks to the 90-Day EasyEquip program, you can purchase, install and implement up to $10,000 in small equipment without paying up front. Instead, you can complete your interest-free payment over 90 days with no hassles or financial paperwork.

It’s simple:

  Purchase up to $10,000 in equipment

Purchase up to $10,000 in equipment

  Complete full payment in 90-days

Pay your way within 90 days

No hassle, no interest, no worry

No hassle, no interest, no strings attached

Any small equipment up to $10,000 qualifies. Purchase the office essentials you’ve been putting off or the practice-changing small equipment that can bring new revenue streams to your practice. Start browsing below.

Qualifying Equipment

Take advantage of Patterson’s EasyEquip program to get equipment today and complete payment later.

Dental scalers for sale at Patterson

Dental soft-tissue lasers for sale at Patterson


Take your scaling to the next level with advanced technology for efficiency and comfort.

Soft-Tissue Lasers

Expand your array of services by offering soft-tissue laser procedures to your patients.

Intraoral cameras for sale at Patterson

Dental handpieces for sale at Patterson

Intraoral Cameras

Take high-quality intraoral images that you can quickly show to patients to improve case acceptance.


Find the handpiece that fits your practice needs with high- and low-speed options of all types.

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