SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer
SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer

With its 55-micron XY and Pixel Toning, the SprintRay Pro 55 offers industry-leading accuracy that is perfect for jobs requiring razor-thin margins such as hybrid dentures and temporary and definitive crowns. It is an ideal addition for clinics or labs specializing in restorative applications.

The Pro 55 is compatible with SprintRay Dashboard 2.0 and RayWare software to further simplify the process of printing and designing appliances.

  • Includes custom-made DLP projector
  • Machined for extreme accuracy
  • Cast in lightweight, super-strong aluminum
  • Includes onboard CPU
  • Features a STEM technology resin tank
  • Provides up to 3''/hour print speed
  • Compatible with all SprintRay and open certified resins

Unit dimensions: 14" W x 16" H x 20" D

Shipping weight: 40 lb

SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer Flyer: Download