Planmeca Emerald S
Planmeca Emerald S CADCAM scanner

Standard Features Key Features:

  • 2-1/2 times faster than Planmeca Emerald
  • Image capture = 65 frames/second
  • Larger field of view
  • Diagnostic capabilities with Cariosity transillumination tip
  • Shade assist color-matching process
  • Lower overall power consumption – upgraded image sensors and redesigned laser drivers
  • Scanner color customization – assorted boot colors
  • Autoclavable, anti-fog scanning tips
  • Plug-and-play
  • Dual-button hands-free operation

Electrical Ratings:
5Vdc, 12W


Scanner base:
213 grams

Scanner tip:
17 grams


Scanner without tip:
41 mm x 45 mm x 165 mm

Scanner tip:
24 mm x 24 mm x 89 mm

Storage Conditions:
-29°C to 38°C (-20°F to 100°F)

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