RevenueWell Phone
RevenueWell Phone

RevenueWell Phone has all the enterprise-grade features you expect in a phone system. With over 80 features, everything is included in a low monthly cost and is completely customizable to your needs. Some of the features include:

Mobile App
Use your cell phone to manage voicemail and return calls from your practice number.

Save your team and your callers time by auto-answering with a prerecorded message and menu options.

Custom Schedules
Pre-schedule and automatically route calls based on office hours, holidays and special events.

Dial Plan Editor
Control and update your phone system in real-time using your online portal without calling support.

Screen Pop
See who is calling and get patient information before answering the phone with Screen Pop.

Two-Way Texting
Text with your patients in real-time with RevenueWell Messenger integration.

Virtual Fax
Skip the annoyances of a fax machine by using your email to send and receive faxes

Call Monitoring Tools
Coach team members and document patient interactions by monitoring and recording calls.

Custom Hold Music
Give patients listening options, such as marketing messages, special promos, and referral programs.

Online Voicemail
Listen, delete, save or forward voice mail messages directly from your email inbox.

Use video calls to speak with patients or team members.

Communicate the Way You Want
Make changes on the fly without needing support. RevenueWell Phone gives you easy, fully integrated ways to reach patients, colleagues, and vendors on your terms.

Deliver an Amazing Patient Experience
Talk with patients on a personal level with quick access to their pertinent info before you even pick up the phone. Or text for faster responses via RevenueWell Messenger.

Be More Productive
Make your day easier with automatic call routing, electronic faxes, on-the-go answering with a mobile app and more.

Experience Unmatched Call Reliability & Quality
With RevenueWell Phone, your calls are always routed through the closest data center to ensure the fastest connection and no dropped calls.

Enjoy More Features for Less Than You Pay Now
RevenueWell Phone uses state-of-the-art VoIP technology that gives you the flexibility you want, at the price of a basic, traditional phone line.

Four Steps To New Phones - Start To Finish In 30 days!

1) Quick and simple sign up process
2) One day later, kick off call - onboarding and set-up with Jive
3) Phones ship in 10-12 business days
4) Port practice phone number in 5-18 days

Three Options:
Option 1 - Contract Free: Pay month to month for phone services without a long-term contract.
Option 2 - Free Phones: Get a Polycom VVX 250 for every line in your office (or $100 credit on upgraded phones) with a 12-month contract.
Option 3 - Free Service: Use your existing digital phones and you'll get two months of free service with a 12-month contract.

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