SprintRay Pro 3D Printer
Front image of the SprintRay Pro 3D Printer

SprintRay Pro is validated with popular third-party resins, offering you the chance to use the material that you’re most comfortable with. Additionally, SprintRay software has incredible automation features, including  converting intraoral scans into printable files so you can spend less time making adjustments and more time doing the work you love most.

 The custom projector and resin tank work together to dramatically reduce printing time, taking away one of the biggest frustrations with other 3D printers used in dental offices
 Pixel-level calibration across the build platform provides accurate and consistent prints
 Active thermal management manages the resin temperature to ensure the best mechanical properties

• 7” touchscreen
• The 6-core on-board computer – built with future upgrades in mind
• The 216-square-centimeter build platform allows you to print seven arches in horizontal configuration
• 21” H for incredible production potential
• WiFi connectivity
• Front panel USB port
• Anodized aluminum paneling
• Advanced chassis
• Scratch and stain-resistant PMMA components

SprintRay Pro Brochure:  Download