3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic
Image of the 3Shape TRIOS basic dental scanner

Scanning and sending is easier than ever with intelligent technology that removes unnecessary soft tissue as you scan.  

Mastering your scan technique is simple with 3Shape AI scanning: Effortlessly capture digital impressions involving a full range of indications and materials

Minimize time-consuming retakes with documented accuracy: TRIOS 3 Basic outperforms other scanners when it comes to accuracy and consistency

Bring scans to life for your patients with TRIOS 3 Basic realistic colors: Increase case acceptance by bringing your digital impressions and treatment plans to life for your patients

Future-proof solution that will grow with you: Offer same-day dentistry and less invasive surgery while boosting profitability

• Best-in-class solution for sending to the lab

• Gain an unrivaled choice of quality production partners

• Send your TRIOS 3 Basic scans direct to more than 10,000 labs, design partners and treatment providers using 3Shape Communicate on your mobile device or web browser

3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic Brochure:  Download