• OperaDDS Forms: Streamline intake, management and transmittal of sensitive information while removing the burden of paper forms.
• OperaDDS Chat: Swiftly and securely message any member of your team from any device, creating better case acceptance and patient experiences.
• OperaDDS Secure Email: Avoid costly HIPAA violations through traditional options like Google and Yahoo mail by sending sensitive information through OperaDDS.
• OperaDDS CareText: Safely and easily chat with patients on your website during and after office hours. Rapidly send secure patient chats to anyone on your team for response through a simple text.
 OperaDDS Recall: Experience the satisfaction of a full schedule through our automated scheduling process. Reschedule appointments immediately with two-way texting and reduce scheduling gaps and no-shows.
• OperaDDS Reviews: Know and take control of your online reputation. Grow your practice with an intelligent system that pushes positive reviews to social media platforms while flagging issues to be addressed behind the scenes.
 OperaVR: OperaVR is a virtual reality-based, drug-free tool for reducing dental anxiety. OperaVR is scientifically proven to be as effective as a light narcotic at reducing pain and anxiety. Easy to use and to clean, OperaVR requires no setup and increases your team’s productivity.
• OperaDDS Teledentistry: Save your office from wasted chair time, all while taking your dentistry to new places you never thought you’d be – your patient’s living room.

Learn more about OperaVR

OperaDDS offers something for every practice – as little or as much as you need. Whether it’s reducing stacks of paperwork with a single click, effortlessly reducing no-shows and filling your schedule, instantly messaging your team or securely emailing or texting your patients, OperaDDS is your low-cost, easy solution.

Web Browser

• Google Chrome

Integrates with Eaglesoft 19.10+, Open Dental 16+ and Dentrix: 6.2+

Mobile App/iPad/Tablet Software

• IOS 11.4+ (iPhone 6 & Up)
• Android: Marshmallow (6 & Up)

Smart Watch Software

• Apple: OS 4.3+
• Android: Marshmallow +

Pop-Up Notifier

• Windows 7 and above
• NET Framework 4.6 and above

OperaDDS Integrator: Server Practice Management System Sync

• Windows 7 and above
• NET Framework 4.6 and above
• Operating System, Memory, CPU, Available Hard Disk Space must be sufficient (Minimum System Requirements: Windows 7 and above, 1GB Available RAM, 500MB Available Hard disk space,.NET Framework 4.6 and above.)

ePadLink Signature Software

• Requires download of universal installer here (http://www.epadsupport.com/universal-installer.html)

OperaDDS Demo

CareText: 2:24

Teledentistry: 4:19

Recall: 6:26

Paperless Forms: 9:14

Team Messenger (Chat): 12:33

Secure Email: 18:24

Cases: 20:59

Reviews: 23:06