Syclone™ Amalgam Separator System
Syclone Amalgam Separator System

Installed in front of the vacuum unit, the Syclone™ Amalgam Separator ensures capture of harmful waste amalgam before it enters waterways. Designed to provide trouble-free service with minimal attention, the Syclone™ Amalgam Separator has a simple ambidextrous installation procedure to fit the need of each individual office.

• Innovative cyclonic action delivers >99% amalgam separation, exceeding EPA requirements
• Versatile replacement canister compatible with the Solmetex® Hg5® Amalgam Separator System*
• 1.5x larger canister capacity that extends the time between changes
• ISO 11143:2008 certified by NSF International
• Backed by a competitive 2-year warranty** for added peace of mind

*Not compatible with the Solmetex NXT Hg5 Systems

**Warranty for the system. Other terms and conditions apply

• One Syclone Amalgam Separator will serve up to 10 chairs.

System dimensions:
12.7" W x 9.1" L x 28.4" H

Replacement canister capacity:
1.5 Liters

Type 2, Sedimentation System

Maximum temperature:
120° F (52° C)

Maximum vacuum:
15"Hg (51 kPa)

Maximum flow rate:
1 liter per minute

Syclone Brochure:  Download
Syclone Instalation and Operating Guide:  Download