Planmeca PlanCAD Design Center
Planmeca PlanCAD Design Center Software

With vibrant graphics and intuitive navigation, Planmeca PlanCAD Design Center Software automatically positions and shapes the selected tooth template to match the anatomy of the proximal dentition. PlanCAD delivers simplicity to restoration design with several features like contralateral mirroring to replicate dentition and allow for a more aesthetic look. It also features gyroscope capabilities that detect hand motion and orientation, and dual-button functions allowing the user to manipulate scanner tools and control data density, ICE view and delete scans.

• Guided design process – rich graphics and easy-to-follow navigation
• Active filtering
• Dynamic and bilateral buccal bite
• Prep clearance indicator
• Contacts heat map
• Live-scanning image capture
• Contralateral mirroring
• Gyroscopic orientation and positioning
• Case backup

Complete restorative design system with laptop convenience.