inFire HTC Furnace
Dentsply Sirona inFire HTC CADCAM Furnace

The new inFire HTC speed high-temperature furnace speeds up the processing of frameworks and crown copings. The new high-speed sintering programs deliver time savings of up to 85% and even 97% for single tooth restorations. This is the direct result of technologically enhanced heating elements, insulation materials and sintering trays. In addition, the inFire HTC speed also allows the option of sintering powdered metals under argon atmosphere.

  • 10-minute superspeed sintering of single crowns and caps made of inCoris ZI and inCoris TZI
  • Rapid 60-minute sintering of zirconium oxide restorations (up to a 9-unit bridge)
  • Very high productivity with up to 8 additional sintering processes per working day due to a reduction of up to 85% of the sintering time
  • Complete fabrication of veneered multilayer bridges within a single day
  • Timer function for overnight sintering
  • Enhanced energy efficiency thanks to shorter sintering processes (2 kWh instead of 10 kWh)

  • Model designation: inFire HTC speed
  • Type of protection against electric shock: Protection Class I device
  • Degree of protection against ingress of water: Ordinary device (without protection against ingress of water)
  • Setup location: Indoors in dry area
  • Height: up to 2,000 m
  • Temperature range: 5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F)
  • Relative humidity: 80% up to 31 °C (87.8 °F), above this decreasing linearly
  • to 50% at 40 °C (104 °F), no condensation
  • Overvoltage category: II
  • Pollution degree: 2
  • Mode of operation: Continuous operation
  • Dimensions of unit (W x H x D in mm): 500 x 802 x 565
  • Dimensions of packaged unit (W x H x D in mm): 630 x 1300 x 730
  • Furnace chamber: Diameter 130 mm x 80 mm height
  • Maximum sintering temperature: 1,650 °C (3,002 °F)
  • weight without packaging: 80 kg
  • weight including packaging: 96 kg
  • Rated line voltage (all units except REF: 6401462 and 6416247): 200 VAC – 240 VAC
  • Rated line frequency (all units except REF: 6401462 and 6416247): 50 / 60 Hz
  • Rated current consumption (all units except REF: 6401462 and 6416247): 15A