USBCam4 Camera
USBCam4 Camera

An important part of the Schick Modular Platform, Schick USBCam4 uses the same software as our Schick Elite sensors - making it useful as both a standalone intraoral camera or in conjunction with Schick Elite and 33 sensors. 

  • 8 LED lights for optimum illumination
  • Increased focal range for picture-perfect images in extreme close-up and full arch
  • Integrates seamlessly with CDR® software Eaglesoft/PI
  • Lightweight unit eliminates operator fatigue
  • Easy one-click image capture
  • Fully self-contained system
  • Standard USB cable connection—no capture card required

  • Universal fixed focal range for crisp, clear images in extreme close-up and full arch
  • Integrated seamlessly with Schick Modular Platform
  • 8 High-quality LED lights provide superb clarity and color
  • Ultra-portable design for easy transfer between operatories
  • Lightweight unit eliminates operator fatigue
  • Easy one-click image capture
  • Standard USB connection - no capture card required
  • Multiple mounting options for flexible installation in any operatory

  • Fuse: 63VDC/VAC, 1A fast blow fuse Restricted service statement Unless otherwise specified, this unit should be serviced only by the manufacturer. It contains no user-serviceable parts.
  • Input electrical rating: 5VDC @ 440mA
  • Imager: CCD
  • Video output:High Speed USB 2.0
  • Focus range: 5 - 45 mm (0.2 - 1.77 in)
  • Focus type: Fixed
  • External power supply: None (power supplied via USB)
  • Maximum cable length: 5 m (5.5 yds)
  • Minimum cable gauge: 20 AWG/2c
  • Handpiece weight: 42.5 g (1.5 oz)
  • Special features: Integrated frame capture button