Prophy Max Ultrasonic Scaler
Prophy Max Ultrasonic Scaler

The Prophy Max is a multi-clinic ultrasound generator combined with an air polisher. Its new multi-function footswitch can control the main functions, leaving the dentist's hands free to concentrate on the treatment. The new Suprasson® Newtron scaling handpiece is fully autoclavable and can easily be dismantled, providing great access to the transducer. The spray is simply adjusted with a ring situated on the cord. The SP Newtron™ control module recognizes the tip frequency and automatically adapts the current in real time to the resistance encountered. The irrigation kit (optional) includes 2 independent 450 ml sterilizable containers and a new cord with a built-in external irrigation line.

  • Built-in heating sustem for water - better patient comfort
  • Transparent drum to hold the powder - easy refilling and perfect visual control
  • Autoclavable handpiece - easy sterilization
  • Titanium nozzle - avoids clogging

Width: 10.6" (270 mm) Height: 4.3" (110 mm) Length: 11.8" (300 mm) Weight: 6.6 lb (2993 g)