AIR-FLOW Master Piezon
AIR-FLOW Master Piezon

The AIR-FLOW Master Piezon® enables you to deliver all AIR-FLOW® and PERIO-FLOW® therapies from one side of the device, while the other side offers Piezon® technology with a stand-alone irrigant bottle and LED handpiece.

  • AIR-FLOW delivers air polishing that is effective for practitioner and patient alike: reliable, fast and productive for the practice, stress-free, quiet and comfortable for the patient
  • Linear oscillating action aligned with the tooth surface offers maximum protection for the gums and utmost comfort for the patient
  • Designed to deliver complete prophylaxis, the AIR-FLOW Master Piezon® enables the practitioner to readily switch between standard and PERIO working modes

226 mm x 370 mm x 390 mm