ClassicSeries Wet-Ring Vac
Midmark CV3 ClassicSeries Wet-Ring Vac

When it comes to selecting a wet-ring dental vacuum, Midmark is the natural choice. ClassicSeries® vacuums evolved from the Apollo and Matrx brand wet-ring vacuums, both of which have provided years of proven vacuum performance to thousands of satisfied dental professionals.

Along with the best features brought forward from Apollo and Matrx, several new features elevate the ClassicSeries® above all competitors. The component layout and design has been simplified and re-organized to allow for extremely easy, convenient installation and service. From the strategically-designed left-hand/ right-hand twin vacuum installation layout to the convenient allaccess front electrical panels, ClassicSeries® Wet-Ring Dental Vacuums definitely raise the bar in fit, finish and serviceability.

Midmark ClassicSeries Wet-Ring Vacuums bring together the best features and most proven technologies into one uniform wet-ring vacuum offering. Features include:

• High output
• Proven performance
• Durable aluminum bronze construction
• Sound reducing muffler

CV3, CV3R, CV5, CV5R, CV6, CV6R, CV10, CV10R

Breaker Size per Pump:
20 Amps

Fresh Water Connection Size (FNPT):

ClassicSeries Wet-Ring Vac Brochure: Download