Osprey Compressor
Ramvac Osprey 25s Compressor

The Osprey Compressor Basic or Smart control platforms:

• B - Basic controls use a traditional pressure switch and contactor arrangement to control the cycling of the compressor heads
• S - The Smart control platform (or C2 Control) utilizes more modern digital technology with a pressure transducer and solid state relays to control cycling
• Choice of system is based on number of users: 2-3 users (OSP22S/B); 3-4 users (OSP13S/B & OSP23S/B); 4-6 users (OSP24S/B); 5-7 users (OSP25S/B); and 8-11 users (OSP28S/B)
• Optional sound covers

• Dual column desiccant dryer provides 100% continuous supply of dry, clean air; while one column is drying, the other is in operation and we make it extremely easy to replace desiccant cartridges right in your office
• RAMVAC compressors have the best limited warranty in the industry – 6 years/4200 hours!
• Increases productivity by decreasing downtime servicing the compressor


Osprey Brochure: Download

Osprey Compressor Manual: Download