Hydrim L110W G4
Hydrim L110W G4

Hydrim L ( Large) features G4 technology for data storage, remote access and auto new software installation. The Hydrim L rinses, cleans and dries instruments in cassettes or loose in a basket for hands-free processing.

  • Large chamber volume (10 cassettes) - Hydrim L with rack option can do 10 full-sized H/F cassettes or 20 H/F hygiene cassettes
  • Under the counter or standalone - Hydrim L is all stainless steel, so it looks good installed in the counters or freestanding
  • G4 web portal includes data, service logs - Hydrim L has plug-in data storage, service logs and remote access capabilities
  • Validated cycles - Hydrim L ensures repeatable washing cycle performance
  • HIP solution is stored in the machine - no remote solution storage, plus Hydrim Instrument Protection (HIP) coats instruments to protect
  • Improved serviceabilty - no tools required for techs to test component parts; remote access
  • Vivid color touchscreen - easy to read touchpad for easy operation
  • Stainless steel exterior - fits anywhere in a dental/medical sterilization center
  • USB port - backup data storage
  • Active hot air drying - Hydrim L unit rinses, cleans and does a final rinse and air dries the contents, ready for sterilization

Size: 23.6" x 33.5" x 23.4" / 176 lb