Image quality is a result of many elements, such as the carefully planned features, chosen technology and sufficient technical characteristics of the system, along with proper patient positioning. The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 combines all these for your benefit and provides you with a perfect image

  • every single time. ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH masters the details.

  • Agile solution for confident dental diagnostics
  • Gold standard image quality
  • Free and precise volume positioning
  • Confident diagnostics
  • Upgradeable platform
  • Five decades of excellence in the family
  • Efficient clinical use
  • Image quality optimized for patient dose
  • Confidence builds on knowledge
  • Two available fields-of-view with 3D option
  • Three available resolutions
  • Multilayer pan

  • generator high frequency DC, 75–150 kHz
  • focal spot 0.5 mm IEC 336
  • tube voltage 57 – 90 kV
  • tube current 4 – 16 mA
  • minimum total filtration 3.2 mm AI