Bravo 21V - 220V
SciCan BRAVO 17V 21V Vacuum Sterilizer for Dentists

Bravo 21V is available in 220V, data logger 120V - no printer option. It features a fast cycle to dry while using fresh steam distilled water for each cycle. It also allows the use of 14" OS cassettes to fit into the Bravo 21V. The Bravo 21V, 220V unit also has a top fill water option and a front mounted USB port to log sterilization cycles.

• Speed - ultra-fast 35 minute cycle from start to dry for a solid wrapped cycle
• Dryness - Dri-TecV technology allows Bravo to complete its dry cycle while others are still sterilizing
• Fresh water cycles - with no add-ons needed, Bravo only uses fresh, clean distilled water for each cycle
• Versatility - Bravo can run wrapped and unwrapped cycles in the popular B cycle in addition to N and S cycles
• Filling and draining - Bravo pulls S/D water as needed from an outside source and hooks up directly to a drain line to greatly reduce staff time in managing the machine
• Ease of use - Bravo can be started by two simple buttons
• Large chamber size - allows 14" oral surgery cassettes to be placed inside
• USB port -allows sterilization cycles to be recorded and printed
• Top fill water port - allows a third water fill option (manual quick disconnect, automatic and manual top fill)

Bravo 21V size:
25" L x 19" W x 16.5" H; 139 lb

SciCan Bravo Brochure: Download

SciCan Website: Link