Helios 3000 LED Dental Light
Pelton Helios 3000 LED Dental Light

• Reflective Technology - Work around your patient, not your light. Staff and instruments can be positioned where they need to be, as the reflected light of Helios 3000 minimizes shadowing. An extended depth of field provides flexibility to bring the light as close to or as far from the oral cavity as necessary, all while maintaining a crisp and consistent light pattern.

• Precise Light Pattern - A crisp 3"×6” light pattern is inherent to every Helios light. Consistency throughout the pattern eliminates the need to reposition light around hot spots common with halogen. Illumination occurs only where you need it to – in the oral cavity, not in your patients’ eyes.

• True No Cure Setting - Patented color mixing on Helios 3000 allows you to remove all blue light from the spectrum at the touch of button, create a true No Cure setting. Work with restorative materials in an illuminated field without the risk of premature curing.

• Dual Color Temperatures - Another unique feature credited to patented color mixing, Helios 3000 provides dual color temperature settings. Switch between 5000° Kelvin and 4200° Kelvin at the touch of a button to help shade match right in the chair.

48" x 29" x 14"; 35 lbs

Helios 3000 LED Dental Light Brochure: Download