Integra Treatment Consoles
Integra Treatment Consoles


  • Dental Casework Treatment Consoles
  • Available in a full height model with base, midsection and upper or in a shorter models with base and midsection only
  • Base zone can be configured for side or front storage options
  • Mid and upper console zones offer multiple configurations that can be modified for evolving equipment needs
  • Addition of integrated Procenter dentist's instruments present a left/right convertible delivery system
  • Sliding track monitor mount, USB, CPU fans and electrical outlets are available to help accommodate equipment or technology needs

Integra Treatment Consoles are the primary operatory workstations, providing storage and support at the essential twelve o'clock position. The pivoting worksurface gives the assistant a movable working area, while the addition of integrated Procenter dentist's instruments creates a left/right convertible delivery system.

FTC4472 - Base storage (front or side), base delivery, midsection, task light panel, upper front/storage, upper back/back panel (freestanding or wall-mount)

  • Height: 72-5/8"
  • Width: 44-3/32"
  • Base depth: 22-11/16"

FTC4452 - Base storage (front or side), base delivery, midsection

  • Height: 42-5/8"
  • Width: 44-3/32"
  • Base depth: 22-11/16"

Standard Panel Color Options

  • 20 cabinet color selections

Standard Countertop Options

  • 16 laminate colors
  • 16 Corian solid surface colors
  • 9 Zodiaq quartz colors
  • Other laminates, Corian solid surface and Zodiaq quartz colors available at additional cost

Integra Operatory Brochure.pdf Integra Monitor Mount.pdf Integra Color Selections.pdf Dental Cabinetry Comparison Presentation.pdf Midmark 2 Line Guide.pdf Integra Product Specs.pdf Integra Sustainability.pdf