Solea Laser
Solea hard tissue laser

Solea's breakthrough technology allows you to work without anesthesia for virtually every cavity prep you do, not just selected classes or depths, all in less time than it takes with a drill. You can perform soft tissue surgeries easily when injections, bleeding, sutures, and discomfort are removed from the equation. Solea increases production, provides better outcomes, and delivers an unparalleled patient experience.

 99.2% anesthesia-free for all cavity preparations*
 An anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free experience for soft tissue procedures*
 Faster cavity preps, new soft tissue surgeries, increased patient flow, better patient retention
 Unparalleled practice growth – 4-6 more procedures per day without working any harder
 Minimally invasive dentistry and improved outcomes

** Actual results: 99.2% of 833 cavities and 132 soft tissue procedures treated successfully without local anesthesia in early use

10.25 x 19 in (26 x 48 cm)

Cart (without articulating arm):
10.25 x 27 x 40 in (26 x 69 x 102 cm)

Cart (with articulating arm):
10.25 x 41 x 61 in (26 x 104 x 155 cm)

193 lbs (88 kg)