A-dec 511 Dental Chair
A-dec 511 dental chair in Pacific Blue

• White with gray accents
• Range of lift height: 13.5" to 31.5" (343 mm to 800 mm)
• Recline range: +70° to -5° • Ultra-thin flexible backrest: 1.25" (32 mm)
• Chair swivel: 60° (30° each side of center)
• Double-articulating Gliding Headrest
• Integrated 300 Watt power supply
• Soft start/stop hydraulic drive system
• Upholstery options: Sewn S01, Sewn S02, Formed F01 or Formed F02

Delivery system compatibility:
A-dec 533 Continental
A-dec 532 Traditional
A-dec 541 12 o-clock duo

Thin Flexible Back: Signature ultra-thin back allows you to work in a comfortable position—legs under your patient, elbows at your side.

Perfect Position Headrest: Adjusts with the press of a lever for an optimal view of the oral cavity. Four adjustable points of rotation support your patient from any angle.

Secure Armrests: Support patient weight when they need it, and move out of the way when they don’t.

Toeboard Tilt: When the chair reclines, the toeboard imperceptibly raises a full 9” for a gentle cradling effect. All your patient feels is relaxed.

Optimal Access: Get in close and position everything you need within reach.

Instant Comfort: Getting comfortable in the chair isn’t the patient’s responsibility. It’s ours. So we designed it to support your patient’s entire body from the moment they sit down.

Gentile Start/Stop: Precision hydraulic motion allows quiet, gentle stops and starts during patient positioning, eliminating anxiety from jarring movements. Coupled with the virtual pivot, which synchronizes movement with the natural motion of the patient, there’s no readjusting when the chair is reclined or returned.

15 Amps

Total length from toe to headrest at maximum extension:
82-7/8" (2105 mm)

Shipping Weight:
422 lbs. (191 Kg)

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A-dec 500 Series Brochure: Download

A-dec 511 Owner's Manual: Download