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Dental practice management - software and services

Your practice is unique – it’s new, or it’s old, or it’s just medium-aged. And you have goals – to grow or to move or to stay right where you are. No matter where you’ve been and no matter where you’re headed, we’ve got you covered with tools that help increase practice production and decrease overhead costs.

Our full suite of practice management software tools delivers exactly what you need. It starts with full-service installation and continues with industry-leading customer support always available with a single call. Our practice management services do all this with a single goal in mind: enabling you to spend more time focused on your patients.

Patient engagement within reach - SolutionReach, see now

Patient Engagement


As patient communication and patient marketing becomes more and more important, Patterson continues to offer powerful tools built specifically for dental offices. Attract new patients, promote your services, and increase case acceptance – all while streamlining data entry thanks to seamless integration with your practice management software. Give your team the tools they need to promote practice growth, day after day.



Patient communication and marketing tool for your dental practice.

• Send automated communications such as birthday cards, post-op instructions, treatment plan follow-ups, marketing campaigns
• Send appointment reminders via phone, email or text
• Allow patients to request appointments or make payments online
• Survey your patients and allow patients to post reviews of their dental visit
• *NEW* Online Patient Forms now available through RevenueWell Forms


Improving the dental experience for providers and their patients.

• Reduce no-shows and cancellations
• Fill last-minute appointment openings
• Get more patients
• Increase visits
• Improve patient satisfaction

Dental Practice Management Services


Utilize education videos and materials to assist in communicating diagnoses, treatment plans, and general oral care with your patients.

• Bring in new patients
• Increase patient case acceptance
• Effectively communicate treatment options, complex procedures and post op
     ◦ Easily share educational material with patients via videos, printed material or email
     ◦ Add the patient education material to your practice website

Dental Practice Management Services


Offering paperless forms and mix and match patient communication solutions to upgrade your practice.

• Reduce paperwork with a single click
• Communicate instantly with your staff
• Effortlessly fill your schedule
• Take control of your online reputation

Dental Practice Management Services


Reduce dental anxiety with a virtual reality-based, drug-free tool.

• Scientifically proven to be as effective as a light narcotic at reducing pain and anxiety
• Requires no setup
• Easy to use and to clean
• Increases your team’s productivity
• Ships with more than 60 experiences and free new ones every month

Practice Analytics


Digital Intelligence logo

Digital Intelligence

Used daily by over 4,000 dentists and their 15,000 team members, Dental Intelligence analyzes your data and measures team performance, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love – caring for patients.

• Connects with practice management system to analyzes data
• Identifies opportunities based on industry best practices
• Tracks your progress toward business goals



Eaglesoft’s suite of insurance eServices creates tighter integrations among claim submissions, processing insurance payments and insurance billing. For your patients, that means a seamless, straightforward insurance process when answering treatment or benefits questions. For your staff, it means less paper, fewer human errors and mistakes, and an insurance system for your office that functions smoother and faster.


From within Eaglesoft submit insurance claims electronically to payers.

• Save the practice $0.88 per claim on average
• Reduce rejections and improve payment time from insurance companies
• Receive reports on each claim submission confirming receipt and processing
• Real-time claims – select insurance companies will now process your claims real-time! Know within seconds what will be paid 
• eClaim Connect – online portal for eClaims customers providing additional insight into eClaims submissions


Securely submit any attachment electronically: EOBs, X-rays, perio charts, and any scanned document.

• Improve claim processing time – reducing accounts receivables
• No more lost attachments
• No longer need to duplicate X-rays


Receive your EOBs electronically to quickly and effortlessly process insurance claim payments once funds are received.

• Claim payment information populates automatically – reducing processing time and increasing payment accuracy
• eRAs can be printed and/or saved to the patient’s account for future reference
• Know in advance claim payment information


Check on patient benefits from within Eaglesoft.

• No more lengthy phone calls to insurance companies or visiting various payer websites
• Save $2.24 per eligibility check on average
• Increase treatment plan acceptance
• Save responses to patient’s account and/or print for future reference

Billing & Operations



Create your patient statements as you do today and submit to a clearinghouse where they will print, stuff and mail to your patients.

• Return payment envelopes provided – prompting patient payment
• Reduce supplies and processing costs
• Customized statement messages
• Save $1.63 per statement on average

Credit Cards

Process credit card payments from within the software, eliminating the need for a third party payment application.

• Any workstation can be used to check out patients
• Receive competitive pricing
• No more double entry of payment information

  Eaglesoft ePrescriptions logo


Submit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies for both controlled and non-controlled substances.

• Create prescriptions securely, quickly and easily
• Receive drug and allergy interaction warnings
• Store common prescriptions for easy reuse

Patterson Eaglesoft and OpenEdge Integrated Payment Processing

Eaglesoft and OpenEdge Integrated Payment Processing

Patterson’s long and cooperative relationship with OpenEdge began in 2006. This white paper describes the integration of Eaglesoft with OpenEdge payment processing technology and how this solution benefits dental practices.

Security & Compliance


Dental Practice Management Services

DDS Rescue

Offers the best downtime and disaster recovery protection available. Secure, automated and worry-free method for backing up your most important asset: your data.

• Data is encrypted and stored locally and online
• Business continuity solution – guaranteed data recovery within 30 minutes
• 24-hour backup monitoring

Dental Practice Management Services


Secure online backup service for protecting your patient data. Compatible with all practice management solutions and file types.

• Data is encrypted and stored locally and online
• Accredited URAC HIPAA Security Business Associate solution
• Automate your backups by scheduling the time and frequency

Auto SDS

Auto SDS

Online portal of customer’s SDSs (safety data sheets) that meet OSHA’s requirements. Failing to remain compliant with OSHA can result in fines from $7,000 per day, per incident, to $70,000. AutoSDS can help your practice avoid these hefty fines.

• Online portal of SDSs that are specific to the practice
• SDS automatically updates when the manufacturer updates their SDS
• Quickly and easily accessible
• Generate chemical lists meeting OSHA requirements