Eaglesoft Service Club

Service, ongoing upgrades and Eaglesoft Mobile, free for subscribers

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Our commitment to providing the best support to our customers is second to none. You’ve seen it firsthand as a member of the Eaglesoft Service Club. Now, we want to encourage you to come back.

As a member of the Eaglesoft Service Club, you’ll get our help finding the best possible resolution to every issue you have. Your continued membership in the Service Club means you’ll always get free access to our ongoing upgrades to Eaglesoft. And you’ll be able to stay connected to your practice more than ever before with Eaglesoft Mobile.

Benefits of Eaglesoft Service Club

Comprehensive Service and Support

Service Club members get unlimited live support from our dedicated team. Each team member is certified in Eaglesoft product knowledge, and is fully equipped to help you move toward a solution. Live, remote support options: 

  • Online chat
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Local Technology Advisor

*NEW* We've extended our support hours to better serve you.

Free Ongoing Software Upgrades

For Service Club members, Eaglesoft upgrades are totally free. Every time our team develops and delivers new functionality, your office reaps the benefits. No fees, no hassle.

  • The latest software versions – including Eaglesoft 21
  • Continuing upgrades

Enlightening Eaglesoft Insights

The Eaglesoft team is committed to helping you manage your practice better and build efficiency into every interaction. As a Service Club member, you’ll have access to: 

  • Quarterly webinars with Technology Advisors
  • Tips & Tricks emails 

Eaglesoft Everywhere with Mobile Access

Staying connected to your practice is more important than ever, and with Eaglesoft Mobile, you can access a broad range of vital functions from your smartphone or tablet.

  • View patient information, proposed treatment and clinical images
  • View your schedule and assign tasks to office staff

Sample Eaglesoft 'Tips and Tricks' Email

EagleSoft Tips and Tricks

Contact a team member at 800.294.8504 to learn more or rejoin the Eaglesoft Service Club.