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Elevator & Periotome Kits
Elevator kits contain various dental instruments needed to loosen and elevate the teeth in their sockets prior to extraction in order to create space and prevent trauma to adjacent teeth and tissues. Elevators have working ends with thin, sharp blades that are used to cut periodontal ligaments and loosen tissue from bone. The shank may be straight or angled in order to access specific areas of the mouth. Periotome kits contain various dental instruments used to cut periodontal ligaments for atraumatic tooth extractions and dental implant placement. They have thin, sharp blades to facilitate the removal of teeth with minimal damage to surrounding alveolar bone.

Elevator & Periotome Kits (14)

Rescue Kit
Black Line Luxating Hybrid Kit
BTG Basic Extraction Kit
Extraction Kit
Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co Inc
Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co Inc
TBS Dental
Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co Inc
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